XXXOur Clients, Customers & Suppliers

Our Clients, Customers & Suppliers

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy we strive to balance the interests of all our stakeholders in every aspect of our business from clients, employees, customers and suppliers through to the local community we serve and the relevant regulatory bodies which govern our day-to-day activities.

All our stakeholders are key to the continuing success of our business and play a significant role in helping the firm provide the very highest standards of client service and advice.

Our CSR policy builds on the values we hold as a firm for the benefit of all our stakeholders and guides us in making a positive and valuable contribution to the local communities in which we operate.

Our everyday dealings with clients, suppliers and other third parties such as contractors and consultants are closely aligned to our commitment to CSR and based on principles of mutual respect and fairness. Wherever possible, we strive to ensure that the firm:

  • reduces to a minimum our consumption of goods, services and resources such as paper and energy;
  • purchases from sustainable sources wherever we can;
  • works alongside clients, suppliers and other third parties with a compatible approach and commitment to CSR; and
  • takes relevant environmental factors into consideration when assessing alternative supplier proposals.

Today our approach and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility impacts on every part of our business and all those who come into contact with us whether they be clients, suppliers, customers or other third party organisations.

Our approach to CSR is focused on four core areas – Community, Environment, Workplace, and Clients and Suppliers – and represents a constantly-evolving commitment to developing programmes and initiatives that reflect the true ethos of the firm. Our aim is to ensure that Harold Benjamin is regarded both internally and externally as a good corporate citizen and a positive and beneficial force through an integrated and deeply embedded programme of corporate social responsibility.