Corporate Social Responsibility

Harold Benjamin ('HB') is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate social responsibility in its business activities and dealings.

Our People

HB is committed:

  • To providing all of its people with worthwhile and satisfying employment in a forward looking and successful business
  • To provide support and training and to enhance its people's skills and development
  • To respect the rights and dignity of every person who works at HB and to treat them fairly without discrimination

Our Clients, Customers and Suppliers

HB is committed:

  • To being honest and fair in its relationships with our clients, customers and suppliers
  • To encourage suppliers to abide by our standards

Our Communities

We are committed to making a positive difference to the communities where we do business.

We are committed to respect the different cultures and rights of individuals and for that reason we have developed our Equality and Diversity policies and work closely with the Law Society in pursuing and developing our policy to ensure that we are at the forefront of all thinking in this field.

We are committed to assist where possible in the development of local community programmes and to work with local government, public and other appropriate stakeholders in assisting the community in the area where we practice.

Our Environment

We are committed to reduce our impact on the environment and promoting good environmental practice.

Responsibility for compliance with HB’s CSR policy and standards lies with its Managing Partner, Partners and its entire staff.

View our Corporate Social Responsibility Record here