XXXEnvironmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Harold Benjamin understands that we all have a responsibility to protect the environment in which we live and work. We are committed to protecting our environment for future generations and to do all we can to ensure that the way we work has as little adverse impact on the environment as possible.

Our objective is to reduce our environmental impact through our decision making, our working processes, the products we use and the organisational decisions we make and to educate our staff and suppliers, and where possible our clients, to assist us in achieving  this goal.

We have identified the following adverse environmental impacts that our firm creates:

  • The production of waste in our office
  • The production of greenhouse gas emissions by the use of fossil based fuels in heating our offices and the use of transport to meet our business needs
  • The use of water which we acknowledge to be a scarce resource
  • The discharge of waste to the sewerage system
  • The depletion of natural resources through our procurement and use of goods and services

To achieve our objective we will:

  • Reuse and recycle materials wherever possible
  • Take such practicable steps that we can to reduce our energy consumption
  • Support such modes of transport that minimise our impact on the environment
  • Ensure we avoid the use of hazardous and harmful products wherever possible
  • Pursue a policy of engaging with other organisations to enhance our understanding of what needs to be done to calculate our carbon footprint and address it’s reduction
  • Educate our staff as necessary to achieve our objective in their everyday work

We have to acknowledge that because of our size we have limited resources to achieve greater understanding of our environmental impact and the steps we can take to address this and so we will look to join the Legal Sector Alliance to enhance our understanding and act positively on climate change.