Mediation has gained greater significance in the last few years, as the courts have increased their reliance upon what was perceived to be an 'alternative' dispute resolution method. As time has passed, greater sophistication in the approach to resolving a dispute or recognising the potential for one and acting in a proactive manner to prevent it has meant a growth in the use of mediation services as a way of resolving an issue(s).

You may wish to consult a mediator directly to assist with your issues or you may find that as part of a court process, you are referred to mediation.
If you attend a Mediation Assessment Meeting and mediation is not considered suitable or if mediation subsequently breaks down without agreement being reached, you may want to seek the advice of your solicitor as to how you wish to proceed.
If mediation is successful you will be referred back to your solicitor for advice on the terms of the agreement and if necessary, for documentation to be drawn up. You may also want to seek advice during the process.
Remember, if you are married you will still need to apply to the Court for the divorce even if you reach agreement about the issues at mediation.
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