At Harold Benjamin we appreciate that buying, selling OR refinancing your new OR old home or perhaps investment property is an important decision.  Below we offer you documents to help you navigate through this process.

Buying or Selling Conveyancing Process

Please click here for our easy to follow The Conveyancing Process Explained! guide on the typical buying or selling experience with our firm and refer to our individual fee guides below.

What is the Cost?

  • Please click here for our comprehensive guide on what our charges do and do not include and estimated timescales.

Residential Property Remortgage Process

Please click here for our easy to follow The Residential Remortgage Process Explained guide on the typical residential remortgage process and refer to our fee guide below.

What is the cost?

If you are embarking on the conveyancing process you may have further queries so we encourage you to call Ric Mapp Dos Anjos in our Residential Property Team who will be happy to assist you with any queries on either the processes or charges for these services.