Our Operation

On the 16th March we took the decision to enact our business continuity plan and send all but a handful of staff to work from home. Two thirds of our staff regularly work from outside the office so this was relatively straightforward to do so. We had every member of our staff able to work remotely within four days.

We run a rotation schedule of just a handful of staff attending our offices to deal with physical documents and the buildings we operate in are closed to the public.

Your Legal Work

We are absolutely able to assist you on your new and continuing legal matters. Our staff use secure access systems to work from home. Our phones are answered as usual and the receptionists who work remotely can connect you to any of our staff. You can call people on their DDI’s as normal or our main number and you will be connected through to any of our staff as usual.

While we cannot have face-to-face meetings we use leading conferencing systems such as Loopup and Microsoft Teams so we can still talk as if in the same room and use this to assist in handling your legal work. You need no specialist software or equipment to video conference with us – we will provide it all.


We are able to handle your instructions and regulatory requirements using Smartphone technology which we developed in Partnership with LEM Verify in 2019. This award winning software allows us to handle verification requirements in just a few minutes on your Smartphone or computer.

We use both Adobe Echosign and Docusign, the leading e-signature platforms which removes the requirements in many situations for posting and ‘wet signing’ documents.


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