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IP & Technology

Businesses are increasingly recognising the value of their intangible business assets, namely the range of intellectual property and associated rights.  For many businesses and industry sectors, such assets are at the core of what they do.  These can range from brand identity or business critical software, through to patentable inventions or information databases on which the business depends.

Our IP and Technology practice prides itself on working with our clients to understand the function and value of these assets to a specific business at any given stage in the development and growth of that business.

Our expertise in the protection,  acquisition, disposal and licensing of  intellectual property and associated rights, from trademarks, copyright and patents, through to rights in software and confidential information,  means that we can advise on a range of legal solutions with a view to maximising the protection and revenue generating potential of these assets.

The IP and Technology practice also has extensive experience of advising on the IP related issues arising on mergers and acquisitions (including conducting due diligence on IP rights’ ownership) and advising businesses and individuals in relation to technology collaboration and joint venture deals, research and development projects and technology outsourcing deals.

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